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Full-service Financial & Media


FoxIR is a full-service financial and media consulting firm which provides privately-held and publicly traded companies with customized public and investor relations programs. Our goal is to generate awareness in the international media and financial communities. While many firms specialize in only media or investor relations, treating them as separate entities, we see the two as intricately related. We have the expertise in both areas which we apply congruently on the entire package.

Entire Package

We see media or investor relations as intricately related. We have the expertise in both areas which we apply congruently on the entire package.

Most Effective

We pride ourselves on formulating the most effective financial community databases and taking the time and effort to initiate the proper follow-up.

A Boutique-style

In FoxIR, we works closely with our clients. We learn all the obvious and not-so-obvious details of each account and each business.

Expands the Awareness

We believe an effective investor relations campaign expands the awareness of a public company and builds its name recognition, while simultaneously encouraging greater stock participation.

What We Offer

Financial / Media Kits

A complete financial and media package to send to potential investors, and appropriate media.

Financial Meetings

Series of road show luncheons and meetings in selected cities around North America

Teleconference Participation

Implements and secures participation of teleconference calls on a quarterly basis.


Introduce companies to potential sources such as investment bankers, brokerage firms and more.

Public Relations

We provide media-specialized public relations programs that serve local, national, trade, consumer and financial publicity needs.

Why Choose Us

Our Philosophy is simple: WE GO TO WORK!
We blend creative thinking with solid techniques and practical experience to develop strategies that achieve your objectives.

Valuable Insight into the Financial Marketplace

We pride ourselves on formulating the most qualified financial community databases, while taking the time to implement an effective investor relations strategy with positive results being the driving force.


We are able to work closely with our clients in order to identify unique characteristics of each account while maintaining close working relationships.

Skilled Team

We employs skilled writers with investor relations backgrounds to develop Media/Investor kits, as well as other communicators and administrative staff necessary to serve our clients' needs.