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The following is a brief overview of the investor relations program that we suggest for companies. As you may know, more than 60,000 publicly traded companies constantly compete for financial professionals’ attention. Since the majority of the financial community lacks financial information on most companies, our primary goal is to boost name recognition and articulate the corporate message within the financial market. While many investor relations agencies are all “talk” and no “action”, FoxIR knows how to roll up its sleeves and GO TO WORK. Our plan is simple:

  • Implement aggressive road shows
  • Increase the number of active funds, retail and institutional brokers
  • Elevate the number of responsible market makers
  • Expand the shareholder base
  • Raise the volume of shares traded and improve market validation and liquidity
  • Create awareness in the consumer and business communities
  • Handle telephone inquiries, e-mail, fax and mailing requests from investors and the financial community


  1. To increase the value of a company’s stock by capturing the attention and interest of qualified investors, portfolio managers, market makers and micro-cap funds.
  2. To build a higher level of awareness of companies through the media and international investment community.

In order to satisfy these objectives, FoxIR immediately proceeds to contact members of the financial community. By heightening awareness in the worldwide financial community, we aim to help companies fulfill their corporate goals, such as building positive relations with the investment community, creating liquidity in the stock and enhancing overall market recognition. In addition, our extensive network can introduce companies to future mergers, acquisitions, strategic partners and additional joint-venture projects.

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Financial / Media Kits

Initially, we develop a complete financial and media package to send to potential investors, and appropriate media. News releases in this package are centered...
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Road Shows / Financial Meetings

Our program for companies includes the implementation of group meetings and teleconferences. The group meetings are a series of road show luncheons and meetings...
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Teleconference Participation

FoxIR also implements and secures participation of teleconference calls on a quarterly basis (or as frequently as required). In the past, we have experienced...
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Through our firm’s relationship with the international investment community, we are able to introduce companies to potential sources such as investment bankers, brokerage firms,...
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Public/Media Relations

We also provide media-specialized public relations programs that serve local, national, trade, consumer and financial publicity needs. By successfully building and preserving relationships with...