Our Philosophy is simple: 


We blend creative thinking with solid techniques and practical experience to develop strategies that achieve your objectives. At FoxIR, we…

  • Conduct conference calls
  • Coordinate and implement aggressive road shows
  • Create awareness in the media, consumer and business communities
  • Elevate the number of responsible market makers
  • Expand the shareholder base
  • Handle telephone inquiries, e-mail, fax and mailing requests from investors and the financial community
  • Increase the number of active funds, retail and institutional brokers
  • Recognizing the importance of maintaining direct contact with both the client and the financial community, we have a hands-on management approach. We foster long-term working relationships, with the philosophy that creating awareness can be done without using “HYPE” as a tool.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to the clients we serve is a hallmark of FoxIR. We are able to work closely with our clients in order to identify unique characteristics of each account while maintaining close working relationships. Our valuable insight into the financial marketplace, combined with a company’s input, creates synergy resulting in exceptionally effective programs. We pride ourselves on formulating the most qualified financial community databases, while taking the time to implement an effective investor relations strategy with positive results being the driving force.

Our Objective

Our objective is to work toward increasing the stock value of public companies by effectively capturing the attention and interest of qualified investors, market makers and mutual funds. Our achievements are a direct result of our dedication and commitment to our clients.

FoxIR employs skilled writers with investor relations backgrounds to develop Media/Investor kits, as well as other communicators and administrative staff necessary to serve our clients’ needs.

Let FoxIR bring a new audience of investors to your organization.